NEW: Business Partners are shared within Company GroupSubmodule configuration for Companies and Business PartnersMandatory reference number in all creation formsImprovement of Verifier Feedback featureCreate Requirement Profile from unloading point screen and many other updates

1. Business Partners are shared within Company Group

If companies are assigned to one company group, they share all Business Partner meaning Business Partner is existing in Loady only once and all companies of the group can use the data to create own unloading points and maintain customer requirements for own products. 

2. Submodule configuration for Companies and Business Partners

Company Admin can now preconfigure submodules for own company and for the Business Partners of the company. If Business Partners are shared – all companies of the group will have the same submodule settings in Business Partners. 

3. Mandatory reference number in all creation forms

The field ERP reference number is now mandatory in all creation forms: company, business partner, site, product, loading and unloading point. It ensures that in the interface with the ERP system matching between ERP data and Loady is possible. 

4. Create new verifier in customer Requirement Profile

A new verifier can be created now during creation or editing of requirement profile by just entering a mail address that does not exist yet in Loady. After Requirement Profile is saved, an invitation mail will be sent to the mail address with link to registration form. 

5. Improvement of Verifier Feedback feature

The verification view for the customer has been improved. Now the customer must click at least once on each submodule to be able to confirm the data. This ensures that Verification Requests are not confirmed without checking all the data. Verifier has also the possibility to enter feedback for each section step by step and send aggregated feedback at the end. 

6. Create Requirement Profile from unloading point screen

Requirement Profile can be now created also starting from the unloading point screen. If a Requirement Profile for the particular product already exists, the user will be prevented from creating a second one for the same product/customer combination. 

7. Improvement of opening hours feature

In the opening hours the user has now the possibility to define open 24h with one click as well as take over the configuration from one day to the entire week. 

8. Public data icon added

Some of the data in Loady is visible for all Loady users. Right now, it is the entire module “General Information” in Site. This data is marked with a special icon “Public data”. 

9. Company Admin can create new users

Company admin can easily invite and add new users to Loady and his company. Automated email notifications are sent out by the system and simplify the registration process.

10. Cleaning requirements restructure

The cleaning requirements of a product now also have the usual Loady submodule structure. The individual submodules of the cleaning requirements can be activated and maintained as required. 

11. Save & Continue Button

To increase the convenience of data maintenance, a new button has been added when changing tabs. This allows you to save the change instantly and go to the desired tab. 

12. Shipment pre-notification submodule in slot booking

The shipment pre-notification can now be maintained both: at the site and for specific unloading points. This ensures a high level of flexibility for all requirements 

13. New role: Product Manager

With the new role of Product Manager, it will now be possible to define the respective work areas of employees more precisely. Product Managers are primarily responsible for the products and pre-loading restrictions. 

14. Notifications of Verification Requests

Within Loady, notifications for Verification Requests will be sent in the future. This is intended to increase user comfort and draw immediate attention to Verification Requests. A yellow notification is sent to the verifier regarding verifying the data. After the verification is complete, the requester will receive a notification of the result of the verification. 

15. Bookmarked Requirement Profiles

In the new and customizable “Requirement Profiles” list, you can bookmark the Requirement Profiles you are interested in adding to your “Bookmarked Requirement Profiles” list.