Easily provide your logistics service providers with specific loading requirements - directly via link or QR Code.

Secure - without registration or login.

This is how digital collaboration works in logistics.

All details shippers need to provide to their freight forwarders – at first hand.

Freight forwarders need detailed information to create a quote, plan a shipment or select the proper truck and equipment for loading  a product at the shipper’s site and unloading it at the goods’ receivers. 

With Loady2Share, shippers give their logistics partners easy access to updated information on opening or loading hours, load securing, check-in processes, necessary documents, and much more.

They simply include temporary links or QR codes to Loady2Share in their usual freight documents or processes, e.g. via EDI.

Freight forwarders do not need to register or sign in to Loady.

Requirements in a clear structure and always up-to-date

Loady2Share has a standardized structure for loading and unloading requirements at sites and plants. Even product- or customer-specific requirements can be managed and shared efficiently.

Loady2Share replaces current free text fields or Excel lists with a multilingual online view. Account managers, transport planners, dispatchers and even subcontractor managers benefit from valid information at first hand.   

Bulk transports can benefit, additionally, from the pre-product restriction data base (ePRL) and cleaning requirements in Loady.

Easy sharing via link or QR code

Shippers provide their freight forwarders with temporar links or QR codes to Loady2Share via digital or analog freight documents.

Access to up-to-date transport requirements

Do I need special equipment? What are the local opening times? With Loady2Share, freight forwarders know exactly how to prepare and execute their transport services.

Consistently high quality in transport services

Structured and clear information is the basis for a good transportation service, even if accessing a new site for the first time or working with new drivers.

Efficient data communication with Loady

Efficient data communication with Loady