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Our story

“I was really thrilled when I listened to the stories of the logistics experts in our first workshops in 2020,” says Stefanie Kraus, Co-Founder of Loady. “The goal of these sessions was to identify high-value digitization opportunities at BASF SE. I would have never imagined that there were still so many manual processes, break and pain points in logistics processes”. 

With the first mock-up up design, Stefanie validated the idea of Loady together with many industry players. In February 2021, Elzbieta Wiankowska joined the team and both decided to pitch at the “shark tank” of Chemovator GmbH, the BASF incubator for new ventures. The jury noticed immediately the potential of Loady and the impact that such a platform would have on the entire industry. With Loady, relationships in logistics would change completely.

In November 2021, after an intense three-month validation phase, the design and development of the Loady SaaS solution started, finally. In June 2022 Dennis Jantos joined the the team as additional Co-Founder.

Since October 2023 Loady GmbH has been spun-off and acts now as a neutral, independent company.

Loady Co-Founders Stefanie Kraus, Elzbieta Wiankowska and Dennis Jantos

Our mission

Making life easier in logistics and bridging a fundamental gap towards automation and digitization – this is what we want to achieve with Loady.

Our platform provides reliable, up-to-date (un-)loading requirements to all parties involved in the logistics process: from logistics procurement and transport management to the physical product delivery.  

No more troubleshooting. No more language restrictions. With Loady, annoying discussions about truck specifications, equipment, documents, opening hours, or preloading restrictions finally came to an end.

We will start with chemistry, the most challenging industry for logistics, due to the hazardous nature of the many different products.

All logistics parties – shippers, customers, carriers, and truck drivers – benefit from Loady by reducing their process costs, gaining reliability, and saving time. Loady helps to reduce unnecessary truck tours, overall delivery times, and CO2 emissions.

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