Benefit Case Consulting

How many costs and risks can your company avoid along the supply chain logistics?

Reliable master data and clear loading requirements help your company to save unnecessary costs. During our Benefit Case Consulting we identify and quantify together with your experts your savings potentials along the end-2-end logistics processes

This is how many shippers work today:

But that's not all, of course - this is always accompanied by:

  • Planning insecurity

  • Customer complaints

  • Frustrations among employees, partners and drivers

  • Lost loading slots

  • Demurrages

  • Waiting and idle times

How great is the optimization potential in your company?

Where can you reduce costs and effort through clear, standardized loading requirements?
What opportunities does this open up for your logistics?

Benefit case in just 8 days

In our benefit case consulting we take a closer look at your end-2-end logistics process – together with your experts! We conduct qualified interviews with your experts from the areas of supply chain and logistics management, (freight) purchasing, ordering and order management, customer service, production, quality, transport planning and site logistics. Then we evaluate – against the background of your specifications and working methods – available data sources and information and bring them together. If necessary, we also talk to selected suppliers, customers and logistics service providers to ensure a reliable result – naturally only in consultation with you.

benefit case
in just
8 days

The benefit case as a basis for decision-making

Over decades, manual and individual procedures have developed in logistics. Much to the detriment of efficiency and effective collaboration. Loady is the first standard platform for loading requirements. From now on, shippers and consignees maintain these themselves and share them with their partners along the end-2-end logistics processes. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But a new solution is always a change and always means an inversion. Before a company decides on a new solution, it should know what current problems it is solving and what economic, strategic, short- and long-term goals it wants to achieve with it.

Our Benefit Consulting enables a qualification and quantification in a short time and offers a resilient basis for decision-making. We involve the relevant stakeholders in the company right from the start, so we can also design an initial framework for the interface and change project. Especially in larger companies and groups, we thus provide the prerequisite for any implementation project.

Free self-check: 10 questions for an initial assessment

Curious? Unsure if this could be worthwhile in your company? Find out in just 2 minutes! Our free and anonymous self-check shows you whether loading and unloading requirements are an important issue in your company and whether your logistics processes contain low or high optimization potential.

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