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Loady API​

Bi-directional data communication


Do you want your users to always work with the most up-to-date and high-quality data in their processes? And do you want to automatize tedious upload and download steps and ensure that all logistics requirements your company is handling are the same? Then you need to ensure bi-directional data communication between your corporate systems and applications and Loady.

With Loady API, you can integrate master data from your systems to Loady, enrich the data there with additional attributes  – e.g. pre-product or site logistics specifications  – and then get a full, up-to-date data set automatically back to your systems for further processing.  

Main advantages of Loady API​​

Improves connectivity and collaboration ​

Internal collaboration benefits from consistent data, greater clarity, and confidence in the data structure and quality. The higher the integration level of Loady data into company applications and systems, the better the connectivity along with supply chain processes and among users of different business areas, internally and externally. 

Saves costs

Direct integration of data from Loady and automatized updates mean fewer efforts in double-checking, troubleshooting, and discussions. Processes become much smoother and faster. Tedious manual work of data transfer is not needed anymore. 

Increases productivity

If there’s no manual data process in place and data quality ensured, productivity grows. Processes will require fewer steps to be performed. Process quality raises, as their management will be much less error-prone.

Enhances user experience

Users love it when data is communicated directly from system to system, because they don’t need to copy-paste or upload data manually. They prefer having a seamless customer experience and working in one environment instead of managing several applications to process their freight order, plan the transport, dispatch a truck, or forward information to drivers. 

Loady API - how does it work?


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