Loady2Go makes up-to-date loading information understandable for truck drivers and available online in their language.
  • Loady, the new master data platform for loading requirements, launches Loady2Go
  • Truck drivers can call up delivery-relevant information in their language via a link or QR code
  • Loady2Go aims to reduce waiting times and increase truck driver satisfaction. But also to save costs, empty and extra kilometers – and thus CO2 emissions.

Loady, the cross-industry standard platform for loading requirements, now offers a fundamental improvement for transports along the supply chain. With Loady2Go, truck drivers can view all delivery-relevant information directly online – and understandably and in their own language.

Loady2Go aims to solve a ubiquitous problem in the transport industry. Because incidents occur again and again and the supply chain suffers from it – but especially the drivers themselves. A typical situation: the truck driver arrives at the destination to load or unload goods, perhaps even within the reserved slot. However, there is still a lot that can go wrong now for a smooth process. Ignorance regarding the applicable requirements, unclear information and, last but not least, language barriers lead to misplanning and misunderstandings time and again – and thus to truck rejections and delays. No wonder, given the multitude of things that need to be considered: documents, safety equipment, processes and procedures, certifications, technical equipment, contact persons, delivery times and much more.

Every incident at gates and loading docks means waiting and idle times, phone calls, emails, troubleshooting, and therefore unnecessary delays, costs and frustrations.

Loady2Go aims to fundamentally simplify transportation with clear information and avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. With Loady2Go, drivers always have all delivery-relevant information at hand on their smartphone or tablet. A link or QR code in the freight order takes them directly to an easy-to-understand online view. Registration is not necessary. Loady2Go is available in German, English, Spanish and Polish. Italian and Ukrainian will be added soon, with other European languages to follow.

To improve the overall “Driver Experience”, in addition to the usual contract-related requirements, Loady2Go also includes information that enables the driver to find his way around on site in the best possible way. This includes, for example, important information on parking options, truck access, infrastructure and service facilities.

Loady2Go wants to make drivers’ lives easier and transports more plannable at the same time. The goal is also to counteract the existing driver shortage. Today, one in ten driver positions is already unfilled, and 2 million vacancies are expected in Europe by 2026.

Loady is not alone in this. The industry is currently taking a variety of approaches to treat drivers with more respect and provide a better infrastructure for them. This also includes simplifying communication and facilitating interactions at the interfaces. This is also demonstrated by initiatives such as the “Facility Rating App” from Uber Freight, the “Driver Feedback App” from the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) or the desire of DOW Chemicals to be a “Golden Choice Site”.

Online driver views Loady2go can be created by customers of the platform Loady – companies from industry and trade, but also logistics service providers. For truck drivers, the use of Loady2Go is not associated with any service fees.                                          


About Loady

Loady is a cross-industry master data platform that enables loading requirements to be communicated smoothly along the supply chain. Loady supports and simplifies the end-to-end logistics process, from freight purchasing, freight order, transportation planning and scheduling, to actual delivery. Companies maintain their location and product-related requirements in Loady and then share them securely with their business partners. Loady (loady.com) is a venture of Chemovator GmbH, the business incubator of BASF

Website: www.loady.com


Stefanie Kraus

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