Manage your previous load restrictions directly in Loady

Prevent any kind of contamination of your products by providing clear and structured information about your restrictions

Ensure safe transport and loading

Maintain previous load restrictions in Loady and share them with your business partners along the supply chain.

Fulfill regulatory requirements

Share previous load restrictions and cleaning related requirements directly via Loady

Automate your processes

Digitize and automate your previous load checks to ensure efficient high quality operations

Avoid truck rejections at gates and loading points

Easy management of previous load restrictions

Easily select, upload or enter the products you want to define previous load restrictions for. Minimize manual efforts using innovative solutions designed for simplicity.

Provide requirements for equipment cleaning - especially in chemistry, food, pharma and consumer goods sectors

Define your product specifications in a structured way

Share structured data with your carriers to enable automatic data processing and matching of your transport request with a suitable equipment.

Use valid data along the operational processes to automate your checking routines

Required vehicle type

Safety equipment

Special documents

Preload restrictions

Required cleaning procedures

Electronic previous restrictions check (ePLR)

Replace your manual excel based procedures with automated checking routines.

Are you missing standards when managing previous load restrictions? We have the solution.​

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Product quality and safety are essential in all manufacturing industries. Especially in the fields of chemistry, food, pharma, and consumer goods, knowing what substances have been previously shipped, understanding if there are incompatibilities, and ensuring that regulatory requirements are met, is a big challenge.  Companies need to apply extremely strict rules in order to ensure high quality and prevent any kind of contamination of their products

The crux of preload restrictions:

  • There are many restrictions of different types and depending on different variables
  • To specify them you need deep chemical know-how in combination with logistics understanding
  • Currently, companies manage these requirements in an unstructured, decentral,  non-standardized way
  • How to specify pre-load restrictions? In what chemical categories, product families, or classes? Are you supposed to keep endless lists of product names that you exclude?
  • Cleaning methods and required certificates depend on the pre-products, but – depending on the substance or its application – they still may vary
  • Data sharing with carriers is unstructured leading to enormous efforts spent on analytics of requirements
  • Missing standards make it impossible to automate the pre-product checks

Finally, pre-product restrictions can be managed easily

If you are assigned to maintain the preload restrictions that apply for shipping your product to a customer or that for receiving from a supplier, you can add them in Loady easily. 

How does it work?

From now on you can maintain the pre-loading restrictions in Loady and share them with the business partners along the supply chain.

  • Select, upload or enter the product you want to define pre-product indications for
  • Specify your preload restrictions on the product or product class level
  • Add application conditions (if applies)
  • Save your changes 
  • Inform your business partners of modifications
  • Share updated preload restrictions with your business partners

No need to start from scratch:

  • Inherit specifications from similar products you own/get delivered
  • Benefit from Loady API by integrating valid master data on preload restrictions for your products