Driver view with all delivery-relevant information.
Online. Multilingual. No app required.

Reduce waiting times at gates

By matching the local requirements, trucks & drivers pass gate controls without delays.

Increase truck driver satisfaction

No more language barriers and misunderstandings - even for first transports.

Save costs and empty kilometers

Fewer truck rejections increase planning capability and reduce extra or empty journeys.

No need to register - access via temporary link or QR code

Multilingual and always up-to-date

With Loady2Go, drivers request all delivery-relevant information on their smartphone or tablet and in their own language – at any time and online.  

Just click on the link or scan your QR code included in the freight documents.

Easy data communication and efficient collaboration

Loady2Go enables the easy communication of valid (un)loading requirements between shippers, logistics service providers, subcontractors and truck drivers. 

Thus, avoiding troubleshootings, misunderstandings and additional costs, providing high transport service quality and planning security, even for first transports to new customers. 

With Loady2Go, drivers get all delivery-relevant information

Even today, opening times can still cause problems. Particularly at large industrial sites, the plants often have different opening times to the gates and shift times can also vary. Not to mention public holidays or closing days.

Where to register with what kind of delivery? How is the registration process? Is a security test required and where do you get it? Are there any relevant indications for the driver to take in account? 

Anything related to safety and security rules applying to access sites, move, load or unload goods, also including personal protection equipment (PSE).

Specific document and validity requirements apply? Your product or customer needs a kosher, halal, cleaning certificate or special driver license? 

Finding the best route to drive a truck to its destination on an industrial site.

Anything dispatchers and drivers need to know to load and unload the goods as required: forklift, pump, hose, compressor, ramp, etc.

Whom to contact at the plant or loading point in case of troubles and how?

Avoid waiting times and misunderstandings at gates

Make drivers’ lives and logistics easier