Sharing and synchronizing requirements with customers, suppliers and partners. Always up-to-date. This is the new logistics.

Automated synchronization

Synchronizing loading and unloading requirements with partners directly via Connecting ID.

Easy data sharing

Access automatically one source for reliable loading, unloading and product related logistics requirements.

Better collaboration

Smooth cooperation in the supply chain by sharing product- and site-specific requirements (incl. safety data sheet).

Reliable transport planning and delivery with synchronized information

Less troubles and efforts thanks to data "at first hand"

LoadyConnect simplifies the information exchange in transport logistics, drastically. Automated synchronization of master data (opening hours, loading hours, technical equipment, document requirements, product certificates, site details, safety instructions, etc.) is carried out via Connecting ID, which can be easily shared between partners in the supply chain.

Once connected, notifications of data changes and updates synchronize automatically.

Reliable source of logistics requirements to all logistics parties

Save time. Improve data quality.

Efficient logistics processes with Loady.