A very special Christmas present for Polish truck drivers: loading and unloading requirements directly in Polish 

Nasz specjalny prezent świąteczny dla wszystkich polskich kierowców

“Making the job of the truck driver more attractive” is the strategy with which industry and logistics service providers want to counteract the drastically increasing shortage of drivers. In particular, initiatives that help to reduce long waiting times and ensure the smooth running of end-to-end transport processes are in the foreground.

Communication plays an important role here, because transports are generally provided by third-party service providers, but often passed on to other subcontractors. This means that relevant information must be reliably communicated between different parties. In the end, however, there is always the truck driver, who is expected to find his way around the local conditions and the company-specific processes: he is supposed to know what, when, where and how to manage everything in the right way. Whether it’s about opening hours, correct parking, rules on site, the safety equipment, the technical equipment or the documents to be included.

The challenge for the drivers is immense. They often do not speak the national language of shippers or customers or only rudimentarily – and the trend is rising. In addition, their field of application is diverse and usually includes customers and deliveries of different nature throughout Europe – and extremely complex industries, such as the chemical industry.

For Polish truck drivers – according to the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal BGL they make up the majority of truck drivers in Germany with almost 10% – life is now easier! Just in time for Christmas, Loady launched a new version that allows Polish carriers and drivers to access all requirements and information relevant to the planning and execution of a transport in their own language. Finally, checks at the gates or the loading and unloading points will no longer hold surprises and the probability decreases that something is missing and there will be long waiting times and exhausting troubleshooting.

What does that look like exactly? – See for yourself: Loady Driverview

About Loady

Loady is an industry-wide partner platform that enables loading and unloading requirements to be seamlessly communicated along the supply chain. Loady simplifies the entire B2B transport system, from freight purchasing to freight order, transport planning and scheduling, to the actual delivery.

In Loady, companies maintain their location and product-related requirements and then securely share them with their business partners. Loady offers a multilingual view for drivers. However, companies and logistics partners can also integrate Loady’s current data directly into their operational systems and processes.

Loady improves collaboration in the supply chain, helps minimize truck rejections, and increases planning security and sustainability in transportation. Loady is a fundamental building block for the further digitization and automation of logistics.

Loady (loady.com) is a venture of Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF.
The spin-off of Loady as a neutral GmbH is planned for May 2023.