Supply Chain Management & Logistics​

Reduce your logistics costs and start working with reliable (un-) loading requirements


Why are loading requirements so essential?

  • Freight procurement – service provider selection and contract specification
  • Materials procurement– ensuring reliable deliveries
  • Freight order management – carrying out specific transports
  • Customer service – transport experience as a part of the customer experience – claims and complaints
  • Transport management – freight order management, transport organization and planning
  • Site logistics – truck execution, plant safety and security
  • Quality management – relevant data and documents for audit efficiency

Start optimizing your
corporate logistics

To ensure reliable transport services you need to provide valid information

When processes mesh more smoothly and transparency increases, logistics becomes more predictable and reliable.

  • Fewer waiting times
  • Less troubleshooting
  • Fewer lost loading slots
  • Increased productivity
  • Inbound and outbound

Loady enables better overall use and utilization of existing resources – and thus increases productivity. With Loady, the KPIs in supply chain management improve and reliable master data for further digitization can be provided along the supply chain processes, for inbound and outbound logistics.

"Availability of accurate data along the whole value chain is crucial to ensure a smooth delivery process, especially in current dynamic times! We see the need to improve in particular in the area of loading and unloading requirements - and Loady is exactly addressing this topic. Loady will help us to overcome those inefficiencies along the whole value chain including all respective loading terminals, carriers and of course our valued customers."
Jochen Roll
Customer Service & Supply Chain Management - Industrial Petrochemicals Europe BASF SE