"We expect Loady to result in a transparent communication with our logistics service providers, suppliers and customers. If everybody knows, what the other party needs and/or what needs to be provided, all gear wheels can mesh together and complex mechanisms can work efficiently."
Sebastian Jarzombek
Nutrition & Health - Production Manager Isophytol Fabrik

This is how industrial companies and distribution benefit from Loady

Loady fills a gap in logistics and provides reliable requirements for loading and unloading products at the sites of manufacturing companies and their customers.

Loady is based on a very simple principle: companies manage their requirements and relevant information in Loady in a unique, standardized structure. Then, they can share their data with their suppliers, customers and logistics service providers for operational transactions.

Special views, such as the mobile view Loady2Go, can facilitate understanding via a display tailored to the needs of specific user groups.

Communication of loading and unloading requirements along the supply chain

  • Resilient information in a standardized, cross-industry structure
  • Joint understanding
  • Seamless processes and interactions
  • More efficient and reliable logistics processes

Comprehensive and up to date

  • User-friendly
  • Multiple languages
  • Change tracking
  • Push-notifications / workflows 

Secure sharing of data

  • Access rights at transport lane level (product – loading point – unloading point)
  • Temporary validity of access rights

Integrated with company systems via API

  • Customizable interface 
  • Best Practices for successful integrations with the industry
  • Logistics master data is directly managed in Loady or  first integrated from corporate systems and than enriched with logistics specifications
  • Updated and completed master data goes back to company systems and operative logistics applications 
  • Users get the highest benefits, if they can get Loady data where they need in in their part of the logistics processes: in the ERP, TMS, Yard Management Systems, Freight Procurement & Spot Freight Bidding Platforms, eCMR-solutions, eECD, ePPL, etc. 


Chemical industry
More than 20 chemical sites are already represented in Loady. Loady is able to manage highly complex logistics requirements of packed and bulk products transports – even of hazardous goods. The modular design of Loady can be configured easily to fit for different transports of other supply chains.

Mechanical engineering



Food industry

Feed industry