Managing requirements for inbound and outbound logistics in Loady


Requirements for unloading material deliveries at your site - inbound

This involves materials and raw materials that are delivered to the company. To ensure smooth deliveries, it is best to give the supplier approval for the use of the relevant delivery information in Loady as early as the order stage.


Requirements for loading your sales products at your site - outbound

This is about products that are to be picked up at one of the company’s locations. In order for this to happen without incidents, it is best to communicate the loading requirements correctly when commissioning the delivery or selecting the freight forwarder.


Requirements for unloading your sales products at your customer's site - outbound

This is about the requirements of the goods recipient for a successful delivery of the goods. If the customer is not yet on Loady, the supplier can also enter the customer’s requirements known to him in Loady and use them for his transports. Customers can use verification workflow to confirm the requirements for unloading at their location.

Standardized data structure for all industries

Standardized fields for logistics requirements

  • Simple and uniform filling
  • Selection menus (drop-downs)
  • Multilanguage

Structured data model (selection)

  • General site information
  • Facilities
  • Safety and Security
  • Site Navigation
  • Slot Booking
  • Check-In Information
  • Requirements of the (un)loading site
  • Product requirements and procedures
  • Equipment and extras
  • Pre-product restrictions and cleaning requirements

Modular approach

  • For large and small companies and sites
  • Packaged goods and bulk
  • Industry specific adaptations possible

Data integration and communication

Enrich master data of your company with transport relevant information

  • Product
  • Customer
  • Raw material
  • Site logistics elements and loading points (if available) 

Use enriched master data from Loady in processes and applications - internal & externally

  • Raw materials procurement
  • Freight procurement 
  • Customer service
  • Transport management
  • Planning of loading and unloading points
  • Yard management and gate processes
  • Instructions for service providers
  • External platforms and applications for logistics operations

Data sharing

  • With suppliers and customers
  • With logistics service providers

Inform on updates and stay informed

  • Subscribe to changes in records to which you are entitled
  • Proactively communicate changes to data you manage to subscribers
  • Via Workflows and emails
  • Pass change notifications via API

Loady Platform Services - for large and small companies

Loady "Free Starter"

  • Unloading requirements of up to 50 unloading points 
  • 2 products
  • 1 loading point

Loady "Business"

  • Unloading requirements
  • Products 
    (service packs for 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 products available)
  • Loading points
    (service packs of  2, 5, 10 and 20 loading points available)

Loady "Enterprise"

  • Unloading requirements
  • Products 
    (service packs for 20, 50, 100 and 1000 products available)
  • Loading points
    (service packs of  5, 10, 20 and 50 loading points available)
  • API interface for bi-drectional communication with corporate systems and logistics applications
  •  “Corporate Pricing”

Consulting services

Benefit case consulting

  • Get to know your cost saving potential with Loady
  • Interviews with your professionals and experts of site logistics, freight procurement, customer service, etc.
  • Data analytics

Success management and rollout-support

  • Stakeholder and change management
  • Corporate assessments
  • Supporting your internal IT approval process and cost estimation

API Consulting

  • Your Loady API strategy 
  • IT development services
  • Customization of API  interface