March, 31

10.30 CEST

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Introduction to loady

In only 20 minutes you will learn in this online webinar how the first standardized platform for logistics requirements works and how your company can manage data in Loady.

April, 18

16.00 CEST

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Loady API - connect your corporate systems

This online webinar explains to technical users how Loady API works and how Loady data can be integrated in corporate systems and vice-versa. Includes Q&A.

April, 20

10.30 CET

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Loady for logistics service providers - How to access and use master data provided by loady

This webinar explains in 20 minutes, how logistics service providers can access, use and benefit from the requirements master data in Loady along their logistics proceses.

April, 21

10.30 CET

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Einführung in Loady

In nur 20 Minuten zeigen wir dir, worum es bei der ersten Standardplattform für Logistikanforderungen geht und wie dein Unternehmen diese Stammdaten in Loady managen kann.

Mai, 4

10:30 CEST

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Loady für Logistikdienstleister - Stammdaten aus Loady optimal nutzen

Das 20-minütige Webinar erklärt, wie Logistikdienstleister die von der Industrie bereitgestellten Stammdaten zu Logistikanforderungen nutzen und in ihre Prozesse einbinden können.

Mayo, 10

15:00 CEST

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Introduccion a loady

En el seminario web te mostramos cómo funciona Loady y como se puede manejar y compartir requerimientos logísticos en nuestra plataforma. 

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Loady basics - FIrst steps for users

If you are a user of Loady, this webinar  is preparing you for the first steps to manage logistics requirements master data. You will learn the basic features of Loady:

  • registration and login
  • user settings
  • overall app structure
  • main features
  • navigation

This is an automated webinar. With the registration you will get a link to the recording and can play it whenever it is fitting into your time schedule.