Freight Procurement

Valid requirements improve freight procurement in supply chain


Why are (un)loading requirements so essential in logistics procurement?

  • Logistics provider selection starts with reliable transport requirements
  • Valid information is the basis of any service contract
  • They help to reduce incidents, troubleshooting and delays
  • They helpt to avoid additional costs for demurrages
  • More flexible sourcing possibilities ensuring a better quality, also for “first-time” deliveries

Start optimizing your
Freight Procurement

Speeding up freight procurement with valid data from Loady

In Loady, the requirements maintained by your company and customers are accurate and up-to-date. You just combine your transport relations with a few clicks. With Loady, you are able to save about 80-90% of the preparation time of freight tenders – and your sourcing quality even increases! 

  • Clear data base – Single Source of Truth
  • Data changes for future tenders are directly available 
  • For tender processing your service providers get direct access to the data on Loady
  • Data integration directly with freight procurement platforms also possible 
  • Stop data management in Excel and spending weeks for tender preparation
„Without Loady, we have to put a lot of effort into preparing major freight tenders. This includes manual verification steps of the freight data and requirements to be submitted. Despite the effort on our side, it happens again and again that loading requirements are not up-to-date and fulfilled. Especially when a freight forwarder makes a shipment for the first time or there are changes to known shipments, the trouble is bound to happen. Then we have to refuse trucks, the loading slots are lost, there are waiting times and our customers complain. This is not only costly, but also always involves extra kilometers and unnecessary CO2 emissions.“
Jochen Roll
Customer Service & Supply Chain Management - Industrial Petrochemicals Europe BASF SE