Services for companies

Using Logistics data from Loady for tenders, quotes, planning, dispatching and delivery


Requirements to load the product at the shipper's place

This is about relevant information to load a product at the site of the ship-from company. 


Requirements to unload at the goods recipient's facilities

This is about all information needed to deliver the product successfullly at the place of the ship-to company. 

standardized data structure for all industries

Standardized fields for logistics requirements

  • Simple and uniform filling
  • Selection menus (drop-downs)
  • Multilanguage

Structured data model (selection)

  • General site information
  • Facilities
  • Safety and Security
  • Site Navigation
  • Slot Booking
  • Check-In Information
  • Requirements of the (un)loading site
  • Product requirements and procedures
  • Equipment and extras
  • Pre-product restrictions and cleaning requirements

Data integration and communication

Use available master data from Loady in processes and applications

  • Tenders
  • Quotes 
  • Customer service
  • Transport managementDispatching 
  • Communication with sub contractors 
  • Communication with drivers

Stay informed

  • Subscribe to changes in records to which you are entitled
  • Receive notifications on changes via workflows, emails and API

Loady Platform Services - for large and small logistics service providers

Loady "Free Starter"

  • Driver View “Loady2Go”

Loady "Business"

  • Assignments for transport lanes “product-loading point – unloading point” (service packs of  100, 1.000 and 10.000 transport lanes available)

Loady "Enterprise"

  • Assignments for transport lanes “product-loading point – unloading point” (service packs of  100, 1.000,  10.000 and 100.000 transport lanes available)
  • API interface to integrate with corporate systems and operative logistics solutions

Consulting services

Success Management and Rollout-Support

  • Stakeholder and Change Management
  • Internal assessments
  • Prepartion and support internal IT project and approval

API Consulting

  • Concept for Loady API Strategy
  • IT development services
  • Customizing API interface