Logistics Service Providers

Why carriers love getting reliable logistics requirements from Loady


One common and standardisized structure for all product- and site specific logistics requirements


All loading and unloading requirements at one place - maintained by shippers and customers


End-to-End communication from transport planning to delivery with an online view for drivers and API features


Notifications in case of relevant changes and history on changes.

Benefits for Carriers

Transport services and delivery

Avoiding truck rejections and reducing delays in industrial deliveries are important factors to improve the overall quality in transport services, but there is even more ... read more


From now on, double-checking of requirements will be reduced to a minimum - making easier the assignement of equipment and... read more

Offer and tender preparation

Time savings and efficiency improvements in sales, thanks to change history and data integration... read more

Customer Service

Seamless processes in deliveries raise customer satisfaction and reduce troubleshooting efforts... read more

Subcontractor Management

Effective communication of requirements and transport relevant information, also with subcontractors.. read more

Driver assignment

Driver assignments become more flexible because a good transport execution does not depend on the driver's know-how, level of experience and language skills any more. Waiting times... read more
"We hope that Loady can create a centralized, cross-company database for our sector that provides accurate, always up-to-date and automated requirements."
Michael Koch
Project Manager Process Optimization Bertschi AG