Delivering products with Loady =
less incidents and delays


As a truck driver, you are suffering daily with full roads, traffic jams, and time pressure. 

When you arrive at your destination, you only want to load or unload as fast as possible and get back on the road.

What you really don’t need “on top” are needless waiting times, truck rejections at a gate or loading point, and tedious discussions about things that are missing or wrong like safety equipment, cleaning certificates, coupling, pumps, etc. – and all the phone calls and trouble shooting that usually is required to find a solution or workaround. 

 By accessing reliable logistics requirements with Loady, your dispatcher will be able to equip your truck correctly. Following the instructions, there’ll be no more struggles or troubles at the gate or loading point. 

With Loady, you will always know what requirements apply for the product that you are delivering, and for each company site.

Also, product-specific information that you need to take into account will be transparent to you, as well as the procedures that apply for safe and correct loading or unloading of the product. 

comprehensive Online view with all relevant information

Stay tuned wherever you are

If you work with an onboard unit, your employer, logistics service or information provider will be able to integrate Loady data, directly, so you can get all requirements you need for loading and unloading, there.

Additionally, Loady provides significant views on requirements and relevant changes that you can access online.

No more Language barriers

With Loady you will understand requirements and changes much better, as the visual interfaces and language features provide you with great insights.