Producing Companies


Whatever your role in any industrial supply chain is, product transportation is a relevant success factor for your business. Logistics is, where many parties meet and where an effective collaboration among shipping companies, 3rd party logistics partners, truck drivers, and customers is required. Clear logistics requirements in a coherent structure and in a manageable format are a key success factor for efficient communication.

The higher the complexity, the more requirements need to be managed


Industrial plants and sites have their own rules, restrictions, procedures, technical and security specifications – and local, particularities.

Usually, the first controls take place at the gates. Sites need to ensure that trucks and drivers meet the conditions to access the business premises by checking documents, labeling, driver and truck-specific requirements. 

Depending on the product a truck is going to load or unload and the facilities of the concrete (un-)loading point, further requirements apply.

Delays in the logistics processes and especially truck rejections produce waiting and idle times in site logistics and production and impact directly on productivity and asset effectiveness.

Where Suppliers and ship-from-companies benefit from Loady...

Supply chain management

  • Increased efficiency
  • Better planning capability
  • Less overall costs

Customer service and sales

  • Better communication and high quality interaction with customers
  • Less troubleshooting and complaints
  • Lower risk of regress payments
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Transport planning and management

  • Great planning capabilities
  • Less efforts in double-checking and troubleshooting
  • Increased efficiency

Site logistics

  • Effective and easier communication on local processes, procedures and changes
  • Overall process speed-up and increased efficiency
  • Less rejections 

Logistics procurement

  • Drastic time savings in lane and tender preparation
  • Increased quality in logistics procurement and better provider selection
  • Reduced need for contract renegotiation

Where Customers and Ship-to-companies benefit from Loady...

Supply chain and production

  • More reliable planning 
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher asset effectiveness
  • Lower risk on shortages and shutdowns

Site logistics

  • Effective and easier communication on site- and product-specific processes, procedures and changes
  • Process speed-up
  • Less truck rejections and troubleshooting 

Materials procurement

  • More reliable delivery of goods
  • Improved communication with suppliers
  • Less troubleshooting
Availability of accurate data along the whole value chain is crucial to ensure a smooth delivery process, especially in current dynamic times! We see the need to improve in particular in the area of loading and unloading requirements - and Loady is exactly addressing this topic. Loady will help us to overcome those inefficiencies along the whole value chain including all respective loading terminals, carriers and of course our valued customers.
Jochen Roll
Customer Service & Supply Chain Management - Industrial Petrochemicals Europe