Logistics Service Providers

Why carriers love getting Reliable logistics requirements from loady


One common and standardized structure for all product- and site-specific logistics requirements



All loading and unloading requirements at one place - maintained by shippers and customers



End-to-end communication from transport planning to delivery with an online view for drivers and API features

Happy user


Email notification in case of relevant changes and history on changes.


Benefits for carriers

Transportation services and delivery

  • Less truck rejections, delays, and troubleshooting
  • More reliability in services
  • Increased planning capability
  • Higher driver flexibility
  • Making drivers’ lives easier


  • Better understanding of requirements
  • Less double-checking effort
  • Easier dispatching of trucks, drivers, and equipment

Service offerings and tender preparation

  • Minimized double-checking efforts
  • Improved matching times and reactivity to new specifications
  • Increased offer quality 
  • Less needs for troubleshooting and renegotiation 

Customer service

  • Less efforts in data management 
  • Better transportation services
  • Less troubleshooting
  • Great customer satisfaction – even at first deliveries of complex goods