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Loady aims to optimize logistics by providing high quality requirements data. We need feedback from users of different business areas and in different roles. To define the roadmap of Loady, our product owner works closely together with a group of key users. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the key user group, get in touch with us.


Initially, Loady data fields will be available in English and German, only. In 2023, we plan to add Polish, Spanish, French and other languages.


As a producing company, you can always export the data of the sites, (un-)loading points and products managed by you.

If you want to export data of sites and products of your business partners, you can only view the requirements of the products and loading points you are assigned for. 

Truck drivers’ online views do not permit data export or download. 

Loady API enables you to communicate Loady data directly with your corporate systems. For Loady API, you need Enterprise subscription.



For producing companies and logistics service providers, there are three service types: Free Starter, Business and Enterprise. 

License model and cost depend on the number of loading points and products, in the case of producing companies, and on the number of lane assignments for product deliveries, in the case of carriers.
It also depends on the level of system integration your company needs. 

Assignments give temporary access to carriers to the requirements for loading a product at one site and unloading it at another site. 

Assignments are done by shipping companies.

At Loady, Business and Enterprise services are always invoiced on yearly base for the next 12 months.

  • Basic service fee 
  • For producing companies: Service packages according to number of loading points and products in Loady
  • For logistics service providers: Service packages according to active product delivery assignments

Note that an active assignment is not related to the number of deliveries that the carrier is executing, but for the number of active data sets (product A from loading point B to unloading point C) that a carrier is authorized to access.

Data management

No problem. Just ask us to add the customer’s site and company. While your customer is not using Loady, we will take care of the relevant “header”- data. 

All specific instructions regarding the reception and unloading of your product at your customer’s site, can be added by you.

For sure, this changes once your customer takes over the responsibility for its own data!