The higher the complexity of sites & products, the more requirements need to be managed

Regardless of which industry a company belongs to and which customers it supplies, the transport of goods is always a critical success factor for customer satisfaction. In practice, it is difficult to ensure smooth operations, because many interdepartmental processes converge in logistics and the interfaces to other companies have to be managed effectively. The challenge is big, as in logistics, shippers, recipients of goods and logistics service providers meet. To collaborate effectively, the necessary information for delivery and locally applicable requirements must be reliably communicated and made available at the crucial points along the logistics process. Directly where the users need the data – without double maintenance and manual intermediate steps.

Check where companies benefit from Loady…

Supply Chain & logistics Management

Cost savings along the logistics processes, more efficient operations and optimal capacity utilization... read more

Site Logistics, Security & Gates

Safety regulations and tests, opening hours, processes for truck handling, but also the master data for yard managemen... read more

Plant & Production Management

Timely availability of raw materials and scheduled pickup of produced goods are essential for production and productivity... read more

Customer Service

If customer service requirements no longer have to be tracked individually for each customer, this saves time and mony and, above all,... read more

Raw Materials Procurement

Being able to ensure from the first moment, that suppliers know all the information they need to deliver the goods ordered... read more

(Un-)loading points & transport planning

Optimal transport planning and also the detailed planning of slots at the loading points require that requirements are known... read more

Freight Procurement

Spezifizierungen für Spot-Frachtaufträge und umfangreiche Tender auf Knopfdruck abrufen... read more

Quality Management

Relevante Produktdokumente, aber auch Vorladerestriktionen und Anforderungen zur Reinigung... read more


Logistikprozesse bieten enorme Einspar- und Optimierungspotenziale - aber um sie zu heben braucht es  verlässliche Stammdaten ... read more
"Transport logistics currently has to fight many challenges. Therefore, it is even more important to have fully data transparency. Logistic needs for digital and integrated information exchanges are consequently developed by Loady. Information regarding loading/unloading-infrastructure in combination with particular product requirements are provided on a daily basis and in several languages by Loady."
Carsten Felber
Expert Supply Chain Business Solutions & Logistic Design
BASF Polyurethanes GmbH