Loady is now officially part of the Microsoft Founders Hub for startups.

This partnership brings us closer to our goal in the world of digital logistics: "making logistics easier."
  • Microsoft Founders Hub for startups supports Loady in harnessing the unlimited potential of AI through direct access to the latest AI models.
  • Moreover, as partners, we receive personalized and expert guidance on AI and Cloud based solutions.

Mannheim, 20.06.2024  – Our new partnership with Microsoft for Startups brings us numerous benefits. The platform allows us free and discounted use of services like Microsoft 365, Azure, or Visual Studio. Powerful AI solutions like Azure OpenAI Service with security and compliance benefits will support and drive our efforts in optimizing and expanding our technological innovation landscape.

Abb. 1: Dennis Jantos (CTO of Loady GmbH)

“By joining the Founders Hub we are committing to our strategy to build our logistics platform on top of the Microsoft ecosystem like the Azure cloud with highest security and compliance standards to offer the best experience for our users and developers“, says Dennis Jantos, CTO of Loady.

Loady focuses on supporting transport logistics operations with reliable loading and unloading information through our “Master Data Sharing Platform.” This platform serves as a critical foundation for enhancing digital collaboration and automation within supply chains. Leveraging Microsoft Azure tools and services ensures we prioritize user-friendly experiences, bolster security measures, and promote data privacy, transparency, and trust. These elements are essential in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners regarding service quality and reliability.

Loady dives into Artificial Intelligence

Loady’s AI transformation is just beginning. With Microsoft on our side, we are well-positioned to expand our presence in the international market. We look forward to what this membership will bring in terms of new developments and advancements.

Stefanie Kraus

About Loady
Loady is an intelligent platform for standardized logistics requirements. Acting as the Single Source of Truth that shippers, goods receivers, and carriers can rely on, Loady facilitates seamless collaboration among shippers, goods receivers, and carriers through a sophisticated synchronization model. This enables true digital integration within supply chain logistics. Loady features API interfaces integrated with key logistics systems and provides multilingual online views tailored for carriers and drivers. 

Moreover, Loady enhances the transport of bulk and liquid products through a central database for pre-product restrictions and cleaning requirements.