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Step 1 - Scope definition, assumptions for calculations, and approach briefing and alignment

Step 2 - Kick off with sponsor and main contact person on your side

Step 3 - Information for knowledge holders and experts from logistics, customer service, site logistics, freight procurement, etc.

Step 4 - Conducting interviews lasting 45-60 minutes, possibly followed by additional interviews, and analyzing reports and available materials/data

Consolidating results and presenting potential savings opportunities

Benefit case as a decision-making tool

Companies don’t embrace change and innovation without solid reasons. As a startup with extensive experience in management consulting, we assist companies in formulating and quantifying their needs before investing in new solutions.

One common observation in companies is that costs and inefficiencies that have long been accepted are often not questioned, especially when there is little awareness of cross-functional dependencies in an end-to-end process.

With a pragmatic, hands-on approach, we help create a solid decision-making foundation in just a few days. From the outset of our benefit consulting process, we engage relevant stakeholders within the company, outlining a potential framework for future onboarding and necessary IT interfaces. This ensures an essential prerequisite for any implementation project.

Get to the Benefit Case in just 8 days

In our Benefit Case Consulting, we review your end-to-end logistics process – together with your experts!

We engage in thorough discussions with Supply Chain and Logistics Management, (Freight) Procurement, Order and Sales Operations, Customer Service, Production, Quality, Transport Planning, and Site Logistics.

Then, we analyze available data sources and information in the context of your inputs and operations, consolidating them as necessary. For a reliable outcome, we may also engage with selected suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers – always in coordination with you.

We also consider "soft factors":

  • Efficient digital collaboration in logistics
  • Significant reduction of frustration potential for all parties involved
  • Increased customer satisfaction as well as
  • Better truck driver experience

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