Data Governance and security


Data ownership, data governance, and high data security are key values to Loady as an industry-wide platform where companies can manage and share their master data of site and product-specific logistics requirements.

The fundamental principle that Loady is based on is very simple: each supplier or shipping company owns the data related to the products to be shipped, the loading points, and processes. Each customer or receiving company owns the requirements’ data related to the unloading points, processes, and procedures that apply to the products to be delivered at their sites. 

To ensure that requirements are correct and up-to-date, companies assign data manager roles to their respective users. 

When logistics requirements are needed for specific operations or processes – e.g. for logistics procurement, transport planning, dispatching, or the delivery itself – companies can share their requirements by authorizing their respective business partners to view and process selective data sets.



Loady applies a basic principle: Companies who own products to be transported and sites where these products are loaded (or unloaded, if they are the customers), are the owners of the respective logistics requirements that apply. So it is you who decides with whom to share your requirements! And it is you who assigns temporary rights to other companies and users to view and process your data and to stay updated with changes on your requirements. 


As site and product owner, you own your respective logistics requirements data. You decide with whom to share them and assign the temporary right to other companies and users to view and process your data and to stay updated with changes that you make in your requirements. 


Information protection and data security is a must of any partner platform, hence no question, Loady is built according to the latest security technology for cloud applications and follows the European guidelines and standards for secure data sharing among companies by Gaia-X and ECLIC, the European Chemical Logistics Information Council. Loady is 100% compliant with GDPR.


At Loady, company admin roles can provision other users with roles that provide necessary accesses and rights to modify, give access to, give the right to process or simply read the data owned by the company. 
Product -, process- and loading point-specific requirements can be shared with business partners by temporary assignments. While an assignment is active, the business partner can receive relevant changes in the requirements via push-up message. External users like drivers may access an online view of the relevant requirements for the delivery via temporary links.


The cloud infrastructure of, our security concept, and framework applies strict rules to protect your data in our systems from any kind of abuse, data leaks, or similar. Our security concept is based on relevant frameworks on data security and secure data sharing and follows the principles and recommendations of ISO 27001, Gaia-X, and ECLIC.

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Loady is based on a consistent level of data protection and security. Our high commitment to the rules of GDPR starts already in the design of our platform and forms an integral part of our culture. 

ISO 27001

At Loady we follow the international standard on how to manage information security and strive for ISO 27001 certification after start-up phase


Loady platform follows the policies and rules for infrastructure, data, and software as defined in the GAIA-X framework for federated ecosystems according to EU data strategy.


Loady meets guidelines and rules that ECLIC, the European Chemical Logistics Information Council, apply in their recommended solutions to ensure secure data sharing among companies.

"temporary" Data ownership by Loady

If you are a shipper and your customer's requirements are not available in Loady yet, we offer you a great workaround solution

How can you get your customers’ requirements into Loady and use them along with your logistics processes while your customer is not working with Loady so far?

No worries! – Loady offers you a simple process for interims data management of your customers’ requirements. The good thing is that they can take over the responsibility for “their data” at any moment and without any costs. 

In the meantime and in order to ensure the maximum data quality to all users, we have established a very simple process.


It’s easy:

  • Select your customer from the company and site list.
  • If there is no entry, we will create it for you: just send us your request and it will be available in less than 1 workday.
  • Now add the indications your customer gave you regarding the unloading point and specific requirements.
  • Involve your customer and invite your contact person to verify that you’ve got the right indications.
  • By verifying the requirements, your customers authorize you to share them with your logistics partners, too.
  • Now you are safe when handling customers’ data, and your customer still gets the best service!


To avoid double entries, Loady assumes temporary data ownership for general customer information on company and site.


YOU as a shipper do the same entering further product- and site-specific requirements that apply at your customer's unloading point to be able to use them in your logistics operations.


Once your customer takes over the data ownership, your and our interims data management role finalizes.

Now your customer will take care of future updates and changes on-site requirements, add products and update existing ones, and maintain the unloading points in Loady. Your customer now can share the information with other shippers and carriers, too.

Remember that...

Managing requirements for receiving goods at their sites is free for customers up to 50 unloading points

To ensure high, first-hand data quality, we offer a free STARTER subscription for their customers to maintain their first company sites, unloading points, and product-specific unloading requirements in Loady.